1What types of warranties do your fences come with?
Answer: Vinyl and aluminum fencing comes with a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. Picket, Privacy and Board wooden fencing comes with a manufacturer’s 20-year warranty against rot and/or termites. Split Rail fencing comes with a manufacturer’s 5-year warranty against rot and/or termites. Matthews Fence & Supply Co. gives a 1 year warranty on workmanship.
2Some of my wooden boards are warping, is that covered under a warranty?
Answer: Unfortunately, no, warping and checking is not covered under a warranty. Due to the nature of wood and the ACQ treatment applied at the plant, some wood during the drying process may warp or show cracks (also known as checking). This does not affect the integrity of the wood at all. If the warping happens on a wooden gate and causes problems with the gate opening or closing, please give us a call for a gate adjustment.
3A bad windstorm knocked out a section of my fence, will my warranty cover this?
Answer: No, acts of nature, abuse, misuse, landscaper damage, or pet damage is not covered by warranty.
1I thought my vinyl fence was maintenance free? Why does it have mildew on it?
Answer: Vinyl is considered maintenance free by the manufacturer. However, sections that are installed in “shady” spots in your yard are subject to a mold or mildew “green” haze. The manufacturer recommends that you clean the fence with a mixture of mild dishwashing detergent and warm water. You can use a soft bristled brush to scrub if needed. Make sure to rinse the fence with clean water after washing.
2How long should I wait to stain my wooden fence after installation?
Answer: Most manufacturer’s recommend waiting at least 6 weeks from installation to stain a new fence. This is due to the fact that wood is still drying from the ACQ treatment applied at the plant.
3My lawnmower bent one of my aluminum pickets, what do I do?
Answer: Just give us a call. It may be a simple fix like ordering and replacing a picket. If the horizontal runner is damaged, it may require a whole new fence section.
1Why should I choose an aluminum fence over a less expensive electric pet fence for my dog?
Answer: While an electric pet fence will indeed keep your pet inside of your yard, it will not keep other pets or people out of your yard. If another dog in the neighborhood wants to come visit your dog, he can easily just walk into your yard with no problems. An aluminum, wood or vinyl fence, however, will keep unwanted animals and people out of your yard. An electric fence is less expensive at installation, but you may pay more in the end if your pet is bitten by another animal or the neighborhood kids use your yard as a cut-thru and ruin some landscaping. Also, some persistant dogs have been known to run through an electric fence line to get out of their yard.
2I’ve received several quotes for fencing at my home, why are the prices so different between companies?
Answer: While most professional fence companies can offer the same or similar materials, the real focus needs to be on the installation and customer service. A “fly by night” fence company with two men and a truck may be able to offer a lower price, but what is their installation like? And will they be around if you have any problems with the fence in the future? It’s very important to look at all aspects of purchasing a fence: quality of materials, reputable company, good references, positive customer service record, insurance requirements, and expert installation. Any reputable, professional fence company will have a good record, great references, positive feedback from the BBB and will stand by their work. See our recommendations on choosing a professional fence contractor on our “Home" page for more information.